On site milling services

On-site and mobile
milling services

Enquire now about our solutions for all your machining needs. Our portable milling machines allow us to carry out milling operations to any angle, including vertically and horizontally. Designed and developed by our experts, our milling machines are easily modified and adapted to perform all varieties of on-site milling work.

We regularly provide on-site milling services to the following industrial production and transformation sectors: mines, quarries, cement plants, pulp and paper and refineries. We also service structures and equipment that are not easily dismounted or transportable. Our service teams are also called upon to perform repair work on hydroelectric dams and road bridges structures.

Our teams are regularly called upon to rectify and reface shear seats and folding machine seats. We also perform keyway milling and on-site machining work on engine and pump stands and surface correcting work on all types of presses and crushers. Discover what Usinage JPD can do for you.